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Field Day, ’17

field day 2017 - color

Morning Mix, Friday, February, 10, 8:15 at CREATE, 29-21 Ditmars Blvd

morning mix flyer

PA Meeting on Monday, January 30th, 6pm

JANUARY meeting agenda

Call out for volunteers for Harry Potter themed Hogwarts at 85 fundraiser, Friday, February 3rd, 6-8pm



We are planning a Harry Potter themed Hogwarts at 85 fundraiser, which will take place in the gym/cafeteria on Friday, February 3rd.  PLEASE HELP!  There are two ways you can contribute to this event.


FIRST – there are going to be about 20 individual activity stations, Hogwarts “classes”, and shops in Diagon Alley.  We need volunteers to spearhead each of these stations.  This could mean doing as little as showing up the night of the event and manning that booth or as much as designing the set up and lending any other creative ideas you have to make your booth amazing.  We will provide all the basic supplies you need.  We are having a meeting Monday morning after drop off to start planning this.  If you can attend – GREAT!.   If not, let us know if you would still like to volunteer and we can contact you after the meeting with a  fun task to take charge of.


SECOND – we are also looking for sponsors to help us purchase some of the materials we need to make this event amazing!   There is an Amazon wish list started.  You can click      to see it and purchase something to help out!  This is an EASY way to contribute to the education of your child in 3 minutes right from your own couch.  Please place your orders by Wed. Jan 11th to give us ample time to order the things that have not been sponsored.  Helping to cut down the overhead of this event will be hugely helpful in making it a success!

We will be meeting at 8:30 in the cafeteria of PS 85 after drop-off on Monday, January 9th


Movie Night at PS 85, Friday January 13th at 6pm: Kubo & the Two Strings


P.A. Minutes, December 20th

Parent Association of P.S. 85Q Minutes

Tuesday December 20th, 2016

P.S. Officers in Attendance: Michael Burke, Lisa Chibis-Tapper, Andrea Efthymiou, Litza Stark

The meeting was called to order at 6:07pm

  1.   General Meeting Welcome and Introduction
  2.   P.A. President’s Report
    • The President thanked parents for participating in the Giftcard Fundraiser and the Cherrydale Fundraiser. She emphasized the importance of these fundraising events to support such programs like Studio in School and Audubon.
    • The President also announced that there will be a Readathon over the break; a form concerning the Readathon will be placed in the children’s red folders.  For those who sponsor their child’s reading, the funds go to the P.A. There will be awards given out to the child who has read the most and the child who has raised the most funds.
    • The dues participation contest will also be extended to the end of the week. The President reminded the parents that the P.A. is a charity and has 501 C status. Hence donations to the P.A. are tax deductible.
    • The President announced upcoming events: Movie night will be on Friday January 13th & there will be a Harry Potter Night on Friday, February 3rd. The parents should contact Michael Burke, co-secretary, if interested in volunteering.
  1.   Treasurer’s Budget & Report
  • The Treasurer explained how the budget is typically made at the end of the prior year but the P.A. executive officers would like to add in new programs especially since it is no longer funding the Global Language Project.
  • A vote was called to make an adjustment in funds for the Audubon Program, the Architecture Program for the second grade and the Biobus which offers students the opportunity to engage in various science activities for three different grades. The adjustments were approved.
  • A request was made concerning auctions and fundraising; if parents own a business or know someone who does, it would help the P.A. if they gave certificates, a gift item, etc. to the auctions organized by the P.A.


  1.   School Leadership Team Report
  • The parents were provided with an explanation of the SLT, which consists of an equal number of school staff, teachers and parents who work together to discuss issues and ideas regarding the school and learning environment, including the development of the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan.
  • A change to the Government Open Meeting Law was formalized so now SLT meetings are officially open. The SLT typically meets one day after school each month. Parents were encouraged to sign up to speak if they had an issue or problem they wished to communicate; the time of the meeting is listed in the school calendar and the SLT meets in the staff room on the first floor.
  • The minutes for the SLT public meetings are available upon request from Ms. Callas, the Parent Coordinator.
  1.   Principal’s Report:
  • Principal Chang introduced George Polites, the School Culture and Climate Manager, who talked about the parking and drop-off situation at the school in the morning. The concern is about the double parking as well as regular parking in front of the school building where the buses drop off the children. The people who are parking in front of the school are preventing the buses from safely and legally parking to let off the children from the bus.
    • This problem that occurred in the front and back of the school has been brought to the attention of the NYPD. Polites is asking that between 7:30am and 8:10am that parents need to keep the front of the building (between the No Standing parking signs) empty since there is a minimum of six school buses dropping off the students at that time and the buses cannot drop off children if the space is blocked.
    • A parent raised the question of what options are there then to park given the short period of time (between 8-8:10am) for drop-off. Polities replied that parents will have to park further down the block at an earlier time in order to drop off their children. Principal Chang also discussed the Breakfast Program, which is open at 7:35am. The program is free and students enter in at the main entrance; so long as the children have something to eat and/or drink, this option of dropping off students earlier is also possible.
  • Principal Chang announced that P.S. 85 received a Wellness Grant of $2500 for nutrition and physical education.  Ms. Anderson, the gym teacher, procured the grant.
  • Principal Chang announced that air conditioners will be installed in the auditorium, the gym and the lunchroom by December 30th.  The school is still waiting for the alarm system to be activated.
  • Principal Chang announced that air conditioners will be installed in the auditorium, the gym and the lunchroom by December 30th.  The school is still waiting for the alarm system to be activated.
  • Principal Chang announced that Alma Bank donated ten thousand dollars to support the Greek Immersion Program. This money will be devoted to an afterschool program regarding the Greek Immersion Program for the third, fourth and fifth grades.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:38pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Burke


Movie Night at PS 85, The Secret Life of Pets on Friday, December 16 at 6 pm


Auction Request


School Rally, Monday November 21, 7:30am-8am

Parent-Teacher Unity Rally in front of PS 85

Support All Students!

& Celebrate Our Diversity!

Mon, November 21st

Time:  7:30 am– 8:00 am




School MUST BE a Safe Place for Children of ALL Races,  Religions & Cultures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.A. Minutes, October 25th

Parent Association of P.S. 85Q Minutes

Tuesday October 25th, 2016

P.S. Officers in Attendance: Michael Burke, Lisa Chibis-Tapper, Litza Stark, Janet Talvy-Gordillo

The meeting was called to order at 6pm

  1.   Welcome and Pledge
  2.   President’s Report:
  • The President thanked the parents for their support of the Fall Festival and talked about the winner of the Boxtop contest.
  • The President announced that Friday, October 28th, is the last day for placing Cherrydale orders.
  • The President also informed the parents that Family Movie Night on October 28th at 6pm will be featuring Hotel Transylvania 2.
  1.   Treasurer’s & Budget’s Report:
  • The parents were informed concerning the = net fundraising income and the total expenditures of the PA.
  1.   The vote to amend PA bylaw regarding the location of where PA board meetings should be held was also taken. For the amendment to pass, it required a third of the members present to approve it. The amendment passed with 47 votes, which was a substantial majority of the parents present at the meeting.
  • The information regarding the vote to amend Parent Association bylaws is as follows: The following changes to the PS 85 PA bylaws are being proposed to make it more convenient for the PS 85 PA Executive Board to meet regularly.
  • Currently: 1.2. All meetings, including committee and executive board meetings must be held in the association’s home school. Under no circumstances are association meetings to be held in private residents or commercial venues (e.g. restaurants and private clubs).
  • Changes: 1.2. All meetings, including committee and executive board meetings, are open to any PA member and non-members with the approval of the PA executive board. Dates and times of meetings will be publicized 5 days in advance and locations will be disclosed upon request. No PA funds shall be used for accommodations or refreshments during meetings.
  1.   Questions and Answers
  • The President clarified a parent’s question regarding the difference between the Studio in a School and the regular art courses taught at P.S. 85. Studio in a School is a non-profit organization that involves a working artist that provides every child with an exposure to art. Studio in a School was initially brought to P.S. 85 since it lacked at the time an art program. The regular art classes are taught by teacher at P.S. 85.
  1.   Principal’s Report
  • Principal Chang announced that as of Tuesday, October 18th, that air conditioners have been installed in the classrooms.  31 out of 41 air conditioners have been installed already. The rest are to be placed in the school before the year is over. By the end of June, air conditioners will also be added to the auditorium, lunchroom and gym.
  • Chang also talked about the Character Day Parade on Monday, October 31st. She reminded parents that there is to be no blood, weapons or scary masks for costumes in order not to frighten the younger children.
  • Chang also informed the parents to send back the letters regarding setting appointments for Parent-Teacher Conferences in order to alert the teachers.
  1.   The meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Burke


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